Thomas Kane

I am drawn to symmetry, beauty and tranquility. When I compose a photograph I have a vision of the final image. Often it may contain much less than the actual scene photographed.

If anything is central to my work it is the sky. Some days I get a strong feeling that the light and clouds may unite to form the picture I seek. After all, the great artist Arthur Boyd said it was the light of Australia that forced him to paint.

Not, I hastily add, that I put myself in his class, but to me a first image may be compared to the initial brush strokes on a canvas. I like to visualise a space and how I want it to look. Then, to emphasise a point, to draw in one's eye, I may rid the scene of almost all colour. Or lower an intrusive industrial skyline to throw into relief that which I seek to accentuate.

Collectors of my work span the world, from Spain, Ireland and Hong Kong, to offices in Collins Street, Melbourne, and Pitt Street, Sydney, as well as homes in Sydney, Melbourne, Inverloch, Wye River and elsewhere.

I have been fortunate enough to win two silver and two bronze awards in the International Loupe Awards in 2012 and two bronze awards the following year.

Basically I am self-taught and I learn more about photography from every photographer I meet.

While I have always been fascinated by photography, a busy career limited my opportunities. Oddly, my interest was rekindled when our home was burgled in 2001 and my ancient Pentax camera stolen. I moved to digital photography and became totally seduced